I did a previous post on Why I bother to do all these stuff to save money and how much it’s worth.

And Daniel Tay from Freegan/SG Food Rescue commented to say I should do a version for time as well.
I thought this was an interesting perspective so…

I’ll cover the 6 points which I mentioned in my previous post and also other factors of working and earning money to “buy” convenience.

Stuff I did for my previous post…
1) Cashflow management to optimize bank interest (Savings/Earnings : $2,400)
2) Credit card spend to get rebates (Savings/Earnings : $800)
3) $3 handphone bills (Savings/Earnings : $240)
4) Making effort to get Petrol savings (Savings/Earnings : $240)
5) AIA Vitality App (Savings/Earnings : $520)
6) Free vegetables and groceries (Savings/Earnings : $1,040)

Ok I’ll compare against someone earning $5,000 per month working from 9am to 6pm.
It’s highly likely that this person gets a total of 15 months salary (12 months base +AWS +2 mth bonus)
Working hours …