This month’s expense is pretty interesting.
Cos I was in Paris from 1-9 June.
Special Expenses is kinda high this month cos of the Paris trip.
The Biz expense of $492.40 is for food and transport in Paris, a proportion of this is covered.

A large bulk of the Gifts expense is also due to the Paris trip and we bought some stuff for a couple of family members. Also, some part of this is covered.
There’s also a couple of bucks in Gift expense where we bought lunch for friends. Nothing too extravagant.

Dental expense is a night guard for my wife. She tends to clench her teeth so she uses a night guard to prevent damage due to the clenching. It’s worn down and replaced around every 3 years. This is $276.50.

The exciting thing is that Food expense has dropped to $80.
This is attributed to the point that we have been traveling a lot …