It is the time to review “My 15% Portfolio”. The previous review in the 1st quarter can be read here.

However, do note that despite aiming for a 15% gain this year, the market has not been kind to me. The current change in my portfolio is VERY FAR from it and it will be revealed later on.

Do note that this portfolio was inherited from the portfolio at end of 2017 and their respective share price was restarted on 26 Dec 2017.

Thus, any gain or losses was just based on the price changes over the last 6 months.

Prior to taking a look at the changes in my portfolio, let me emphasize on the following:

  1. This portfolio review is calculated from 26 Dec 2017 and the aim is to review the total portfolio gain after 1 year.
  2. The counter’s initial share prices are their respective share …