Although I have revealed my portfolio and the remaining of my Big Ideas recently, but I have been wanting to writing about this company that I purchase since June 2018 – my Big Idea 8.

I had previously stated I will reveal the company on my Facebook Page post upon reaching 20 likes for that post. It hit 68 likes in almost 3 hours. I was flattered.

Despite the short vested period, I have actually known this company since I started practicing value investing. In fact, I will say this company was initially made famous by Bigfatpurse (Currently known as Dr Wealth) at that point in time.

Reasons Why This Counter Qualifies as a “Big Idea”

1. Understanding Of The Total Asset and Return of “Operating Assets”

Return of Asset of the company based on the latest annual report is 7.65% (Net Profit of $4.5 Million vs …