I think I am doing relatively ok in Singapore.

My work planning for the next workshop is proceeding quickly, markets are doing quite well in spite of an impending trade war and my passive income is edging higher this quarter.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who is now taking concrete steps to resettle himself in Australia. The complaint about Singapore is typical fare – Society has become more unequal, flats will be taken back after 99 years, and the CPF board seems unwilling to allow folks to ever see their hard earned money. I’ve done my fair share defending our policies, but I am always mindful that I gamed the system quite well ( being D&D trained after all ) and I was a huge beneficiary of the low dividend tax regime which I exploited from a reasonably young age.

But even though I am objectively well ahead of most working people here, the thought of quitting Singapore never really left my mind.

When I was an engineer, I thought of quitting everyday when outsourcing was at it’s peak and local IT staff were driven out of companies by foreign “talent”. When my investments started to do better, I “switched sides” when these same folks who competed against me in the workplace also consumed products and services and, most importantly, paid rent to us locals landlords. This is the reason why I feel that the Government will reopen to doors to FT once our infrastructure can take in a bigger population. Some Singaporeans do benefit immensely from this …