Factors affecting Tuition rate in Singapore

There are a few factors affecting the tuition rate in Singapore.

Qualification of tutor

What is the education level of the tutor? Tutors that are MOE Trainee or MOE Certified teachers tend to draw a higher rate.

Home tuition or tuition centre

Cost of home tuition is usually higher due to the more undivided attention given to the student.

TL;DR – Tuition rate in Singapore Tutor’s Qualification Lower Primary Upper Primary Secondary ITE Junior College/ Diploma A Level/ Diploma S$15 – S$25/hour S$15 – S$30/hour S$25 – S$35/hour S$20 – S$40/hour S$35 – S$40/hour Undergraduate S$20 – S$30/hour S$25 – S$35/hour S$35 – S$50/hour S$25 – S$45/hour S$40 – S$50/hour Degree Graduate
Full-time Tutor S$25 – S$40/hour S$30 – S$50/hour …