I’m doing this update kinda early, cos today is Friday and on Monday I’m flying again.
So maybe I miss $5 expense my wife may incur today.
​But oh well…

Ok fixed expenses are fixed duhz. Those don’t move.
Food and transport are within their usual ranges. Around $200 for food and under $20 for transport.

The Biz Expense KL is the flight ticket I’m going to take on Monday. ($137)
The AZ food and transport is somewhat covered, but it’s hard to separate out cos of how her claims are processed. ($446.40)
Apparel – Wife had to buy matching clothes for her company D&D ($50) Luckily, they are nice and practical enough to be used for other days and occasions.
Gifts – AZ Gifts ($238.35), snacks for colleagues, friends relatives, there’s kinda some “debts” we had to repay.

Gifts – Others like meals for friends, coffee for friends, misc gifts ($46.80)
Dental – This is the …