Updates for my portfolio for August 2018

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watchlist, looking to include shares from other developed nations. I’m paying off the balance transfer faster than I would and maybe do another one using Maybank. In addition, I’m on a steep learning curve for my side venture, as I’m gonna do everything DIY instead of letting people do it for me (more costly), let’s see how it goes.

Buy Hong Kong Land at 7 Reasons PB of 0.45x, which is close to a non crisis low of 0.42x Dividend yield is 2.9%, which is close to 5 year high of 3.5% On a side note, I didn’t know that you have the click settlement in SGD and the EPS payment didn’t appear on my iBanking. Had to call the broker to get FX rates, the rates was quite close to interbank rates actually.