Dear Subscribers of Fundamental Scorecard,

Thank you for continuing to subscribe to us. The database has been updated.

How have you been? As the 3rd quarter draws to a close, this year seems to give us a peak towards a pre-crisis market.

Having a long-term mindset, we try our best to understand Mr Market while holding our core investing principles firm.

This resulted me in changing The Ultimate Scorecard once again (without change name). As I have stated previously, I removed the dividend scorecard portion and expanded on the valuation portion.

Currently, the expanded valuation portion acts as a separate calculation of the valuation of the company based on the free cash flow it generated.

It is called Estimated Valuation.

It is an estimation of the value of the company based on

1. 0% growth; and 
2. a series of discount rate ranging from 15% to 30%; and
3. The …