Ok so I mentioned this yesterday. I got a comment asking what motivates me to optimize my life. 

Simply put, I’m lazy. 
So to me, it’s all about efficiency. 

A simple example. 
Most people spend around $500 per month on groceries, assuming $10 per hour, that’s 50 hours a month spent working.
Alternatively, I could put in 3 hours a week (12 hours a month) and do some freegan activities and I could get free food for the whole week. Furthermore, these 3 hours I am probably enjoying what I’m doing. Which is usually just going to a location talking with a couple of friends and getting free food. 
The per hour “earning” of getting free food is… $500/12 = $41.66 per hour.

Yes, when working, we can earn money and store the value for later use. I agree. 
And I already did that for around 10 years of my life. 

But for me, if I had the choice …