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Our Crazy Rich Experience On Singapore Airlines Suites (Dr. McFrugal) 

“A first class amenity kit was waiting for us at our seat. It was a Salvatore Ferragamo bag that contained Ferragamo designer toiletries such as lotion, cologne, lip balm, and moisturizing cream. In addition, we were given a night-time kit of Givenchy pajamas, eye shades, warm socks, and slippers.”

We all know Singapore Airlines has a reputation for being the top luxury airline in the aviation industry. Coupled with the topped airline awards that it has bagged over the few years, this is one of the few Singapore Inc. that Singaporeans are proud of, although to be honest, I think I have travelled on the airlines at most 5 times my entire life. Tickets are not cheap, although you can get them on a steal on promotions. But this Suites experience does sound out of this