I received an SMS earlier today to say that I am getting a $200 red packet.

Wow! There is such a thing as a free lunch, after all!
Actually, $200 could probably buy me lunch 50 times over!
What am I talking about?

SG BONUS, of course.

Eligible Singaporeans will get a minimum of $100.
How much we get depends on our income in 2016 (YA 2017).
See the table here:

All eligible Singaporeans will be paid by end of this year.

Now, if only income in 2017 (YA 2018) was used instead, then, I would get $100 more and could include some ice cream for lunch.

I was still doing some part time work in 2016.

A short video on Budget 2018:

If you are a Singaporean and have yet to receive notification, you can use your SingPass to check online as to how much you will be getting …