2 weeks back, I received an email from StashAway titled “You’ve received a dividend withholding tax reimbursement” but have yet to look into it until a few days ago. Chances are you (StashAway users) would have received it as well.
This was a pleasant surprise because we had long accepted it as one of the cost to invest in the US and were not expecting to get the withholding tax back.
Interestingly, it was stated in one of the FAQs that the taxes can be claimed back and is done by the broker (in this case, StashAway’s broker is Saxo). Not sure if this is unique to Saxo or is done by all the other brokers in Singapore. Do leave a comment if you have more information on this :)
Anyway, I realized that only 3 out of the 8 ETFs (TLT, TIP, and CWB) had withholding tax reimbursed so I