I’ve been on relatively long US Business trip this time. Almost 2 weeks. Only manage to do a single trade to reduce my exposure to First Reit further. With some good amount of cash raised, I am looking for quick opportunity. Looking forward to next month year end bonus as well.

Well, what I like to talk mainly about in this article is about spending. I have my suitcase full from shopping on this latest trip. Hopefully I got sufficient saving for the spending effort. haha

Ordered a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (Cord) … US$249. Multi Ball 2 for my larger apartment. When I saw the packaging, kind of surprise the size of the entire package and got me worried whether am I able to check-in. Fortunately no issue. Weighted 10 kg.  The other is whether Tax will be levied on arrival. None as well. Cool.  Mrs Logic is non-believable …