This article contains PORTION of the information from the 4th Scorecard Newsletter written on 27 Nov 2018 for my Moat Scorecard subscribers. Full disclosure was provided for the Moat Scorecard subscribers. 

This new Big Idea was stated in both my previous 3rd and 4th quarter reporting. But it has not been revealed yet. For the last post of 2018, I will be talking about this final Big Idea in my current portfolio.

As I had already sold 2 big ideas previously, I currently have 10 big ideas that is based on my Big Ideas Investing Theory.

Big Idea 12 is a new company in my portfolio since I only purchased it in October this year.

Reasons Why This Counter Qualifies as a “Big Idea”

1. Great Balance Sheet

Big Idea 12 Balance Sheet

If you look at the balance sheet, you will be able to understand that the …