Today, i received a rather funny (but sad funny) email from a clerk in my firm.

Her email attached an invoice bearing the date 11/12/2018. A client from the US had requested that we re-issue the “November invoice with a December date”.

Now, it is immediately clear to me that the US client is confused by the date format. Unlike the rest of the world, the US appears to revel in its odd ways of not using metric, and adopting counterintuitive date conventions i.e., month/date/year.

But this is not my point.

That clerk knows full well that both the service and the invoice were rendered in December, being the same person who processed the work and issued the invoice. There should be zero doubt in her mind that the invoice was correctly issued in December.

But what does Ms Clerk do?  She simply forwards the invoice to the accounts department, asking that the invoice be