Total – S$2,948.31
Expenses in Nov 2018 totaled S$2,948.31.

Diving took up c. 42% of it. Decided to embark on my Advanced Open Water Diving certification, and headed to Indonesia to complete the requisite dives. That was a pretty good few days, and it was fun to be underwater after more than 12 years again.

Vacation was the next big category. This involved hotel expenditure and envisaged expenses as I went over to Chiang Mai for a meditation retreat and a short holiday thereafter. Retreat was great, and Chiang Mai is certainly a really livable city. It does seem like a place that I’ll be happy to stay for sometime.

Donations rounded up the top three categories. Spent about 3.5 weeks in Malaysia on meditation retreat over the course of Oct and Nov 2018, and donated some cash to fund living expenses. Most of, if not all of the meditation retreats