Morning folks. How’s life treating you?

Life is weird isn’t it. We’re here for a short time with no discernible purpose and many of us spend most of our time in a state of unease, anxiety and unhappiness.

Why is our species prone to such negativity and has it always been this way?

Who knows eh?

Evolutionary Biologists like Richard Dawkins tell us Homo-Sapiens have been roaming the Earth for around 100,000 years.

Seems like a long time right?

Well, the figure pales into insignificance when we we consider how other forms of human walked the deserts and savannas millions of years before.

Dawkins asks us to think about a piano keyboard’s length representing human existence. If we consider where Homo-Sapiens sit on this keyboard, we’d have to go all the way to the right and a small sliver of the very last key.

It’s a humbling thought, isn’t it?

Us, humans, existing for such a short time, historically