While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, outfits matter a lot when it comes to gauging a K-Pop group’s commercial success, as they can serve as a good indicator of the group’s popularity. We analysed three of the top girl groups from Korea’s entertainment giants (SM, JYP, and YG) and estimated the cost of these groups’ outfits as featured in their latest music video releases.

Blackpink’s Outfits Are By Far the Most Expensive

Blackpink of YG Entertainment features the most outlandish set of sponsored outfits, with their Top 5 clothing items totaling upwards of S$80,000. That means each item costs well over S$15,000 on average, equivalent to the Top 5 items combined for either TWICE or Red Velvet. The single most expensive piece of clothing item is the white Chanel top worn by Blackpink’s Jennie, which costs a shocking S$25,000. Also, even for the relatively low-budget groups, it