Astrea V Class A-1 PE Bond Summary S$180 millions offered to retail investors 38 PE funds consisting of 382 companies 3.85% per annual (semi-annual interest payment) Mandatory Call date 20 June 2024 (5 Years) Maturity 20 June 2029 (10 Years) Closing date: 18 June 2019 12:00 NOON Minimum application of $2,000 in multiples of $1,000 Link to Prospectus The Astrea V PE Bond is the most talked about investment product this month. I have already planned to apply for it as mentioned in my previous few post, and I did applied for Astrea IV last year. Without any doubt, I will be applying for Astrea V again. So why am I buying?

Firstly, the PE bond is not backed by Temasek Holdings. You probably have heard this many times but this is not a reason for me to not to buy. I do not only purchase investment product which are backed by Temasek.