In stock investment, one can “strike lottery” once in a while but to truly and really make sustainable returns, the logical way is to track it through Cumulative XIRR to reflect long term returns.
What this mean is to annualized all your years of investment returns and have them compounded into a return figure. Only then we can truly understand where we stand on our ego memory or actual returns. This will also give us a view on sustainability or a “2008 GFC” can wipes out all our “career gains”.
The tracker started on 2007 of sizable portfolio therefore STI Index of that year. For STI Index, the condition is no fresh injection and no re-investment for simplification. At the end of 12.5 years, STI Index returns is 0.5% annualized excluding dividends. Cory Portfolio hits 7.4% annualized and same period across 12.5 years.