The love and companionship you get from your pet is priceless. But regardless of the benefits you can’t put a price on, owning a pet can be very expensive. In fact, owning a dog can cost more than S$25,000 over 10 years. While there are some costs you shouldn’t skimp on to ensure the health of your pup, there are a few costs you can cut back on to make pet ownership more financially manageable. Below, we explore 4 ways to decrease dog ownership costs without sacrificing your pet’s quality of life.

Buy Quality Pet Food in Bulk

To ensure your pet’s health, you should always be buying high-quality food with nutritious ingredients. Unfortunately, high-quality food is expensive, leaving lower-income pet owners to prioritise cost over food quality. However, low-quality dog food (identified by an ingredients list riddled with preservatives and non-protein based main ingredients) can lead to a myriad