Freelancers seem like they have it great: unlike the rigid 9-5 workers who’d have to squeeze in jam-packed MRTs and buses every day, being a freelancer seems to entail late mornings in minimalistic cafe joints with a cup of latte and a sleek Macbook Pro. 

While this may be stereotypically true for some, a freelancer’s job shouldn’t be viewed through rose-tinted lenses.

More often than not, freelancers have to deal with the mental load of an irregular schedule, keeping track on their finances, dealing with late payments and low-balling clients. 

Freelancers don’t always have it easy, and to top it off, they are not covered by full-time employee benefits when shit happens to them. So to make their lives a little easier, here’s an insurance guide for freelancers in Singapore, so that they can get paid even when they’re feeling under the weather. 

TL;DR: Everything You Need To Know About