This month’s expense update is pretty boring. 
We really didn’t spend on anything. 
I went to a Korean grocery store to buy some kimchi and chilli paste so thats the €14.45 worth of food. 

Then we had our 7 day trip. I wrote about that here. That’s the bulk of our expense for this month. €775.47
This includes our eating out for the month, I put this as a “want” cos… IF we didn’t go on the trip this whole bunch of expenses would have disappeared, cos IF we stayed in Paris, the expense for food would be significantly lower. Since the trip is a “want” everything else on the trip is considered a “want”.

My wife has her usual office lunches and she bought some coffee and meals for colleagues. It’s not always a “loss” buying meals for colleagues cos they kinda have a gifting culture. Sometimes they buy coffee