Do you wish to test your trading skills, beat the pants out of professionals and be rewarded for it?

Now your chance is here!

Investing discussion group platform is partnering with SGX and Societe Generale to organize an active trading tournament for traders.

You can be part of this competition. All you have to do is click the Register for FREE blue button, and you are on your way.

Registration will be from 21 Sep 2019 til 8 Nov 2019

The tournament will consist of 2 rounds and one voting period:

Elimination Round (14th Oct – 8th Nov 2019): A free-for-all trading simulation that includes all participants. Top 10 traders based on highest total portfolio returns will be selected. A minimum of four trades for each participant is also required to be the top 10 traders. Final Round (18th Nov – 29th Nov 2019): Top 10 traders will compete