Interviews with Top of the Tournament Leaderboard This mini-interview series is to showcase some of the prominent participants of the tournament leaderboard and what propels them to be able to trade well.

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This is @LandonLim, who made the leaderboard and had a top winning trade on 14 Oct! View his winning trade here.

How many years have you been trading?

Landon: I’ve been investing/trading for 4 Years now.

What’s your profession?
Landon: I’m a Relationship Manager.

How did you start trading and what got you started?
Landon: I started investing/trading when I decided to grow my savings. However, I had no experience or knowledge, and I placed $10,000 on an illiquid penny stock for my first trade without understanding anything about the company or stock chart movement/signals. I managed to exit my position 2 months later with a paltry gain of $70 (0.7% Return).

Thankfully, that unwise