Spiel Essen has been an annual event for Capital Gains Studio as we always attend to say hi to old friends and make new friends. This year, we headed back to Spiel Essen 2019 without a brand new game, after our onslaught of 2 games (Debtzilla & Cryptocurrency) in 2018. This year, we are bringing over a 2nd edition of Wongamania: Banana Economy and a set of prototype of our to be launched game: Kaiju Exchange. Even without a new game to sell, we decided to double our booth size and the results have been fantastic! Here are some of our lessons from Spiel Essen 2019.

Increase sales through an increased frequency of play

In 2018, we took the standard 2 X 5 booth and had a table for Debtzilla and Cryptocurrency each. Like all new game launches, people are eager to try out the game, but each game takes an