Alexis Lee is in a state of limbo, yet intent on summoning change.

As Singapore’s first female pro-wrestler, she’s charted impressive growth since 2013 with home promotion Singapore Professional Wrestling (SPW), where she trained under co-founders Andruew Tang (moniker ‘The Statement’) and Vadim Koryagin.

In August 2019, the 25-year-old — real name Lee Xin Yi — joined some 40 candidates for the WWE tryouts in Shanghai, along with Tang and fellow pro-wrestler Sean ‘Trexxus’ Tan.

They ultimately weren’t selected for the developmental contract, but the experience gave the oft-dubbed Lion City Hit Girl plenty to write home about, given she grew up watching the entertainment giant’s riotous matches.

Yet, and like the many anecdotes she doles out during our two-hour chat, her fall into wrestling was serendipitous — she met Tang at SPW’s first unofficial show — and an outlet to channel her a**holery, which she maintains is an