I was reading this article on TodayOnline talking about using SkillsFuture Credits for work training, but those on ‘leisure’ courses will not be judged. After using the credits previously for work-related training, I am so sure that I won’t use them for any work- related ones. I will use them for LEISURE. And this is why.

Skills Upgrading on Work-Related StuffBeyond Bachelor DegreeFor me, as an engineer, something that is considered work-related is related to what I am doing now which include hydraulics analysis, risk assessments, and so on. If I want to upgrade myself in engineering using the credits, most likely I’ll need to go for a Masters or PhD. In my field of work, whether you have a Bachelor, or Masters, beyond your first job, there is no difference. And, if you have a PhD, the boss with the Bachelor or Masters will be wondering why are you here.

Upgrading Engineering