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Recent Resilience of the Capital Goods Industry


Stocks categorised to the Capital Goods Industry are involved in a wide range of manufacturing and distribution activities. The majority of Singapore’s 20 biggest Capital Goods stocks have business activities that span across Asia. Singapore lists the third biggest Capital Goods stock in Asia Pacific – Industrial Conglomerate, Jardine Matheson Holdings, which re-joined the STI in November. Over … [Read more...]

IPO – Daisin Retail Trust

Daisin Retail Trust is the first IPO listing in 2017. This listing looks very rushing in its timing.  Just read about the news in the newspaper this Saturday morning.  Subscription already opened Friday 9 pm and will close on Wednesday noon. I have doubts in this new Daisin Retail Trust.  The reasons: 1. China. Hmm..... All the initial three properties in one single city, Zhongshan, … [Read more...]

Dasin Retail Trust


Dasin Retail Trust ("DRT" or the "Trust") is offering 151,768,900 units at $0.80 per unit of which only 2m units will be available for the public tranche. There is an over-allotment option of 9,343,300 units in the event the IPO is oversubscribed. A separate cornerstone tranche of $25m of units have been offered to China Orient Asset Management and Haitong International Fund SPC.Its principal … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Sabana Reit


I made my first transaction for 2017 that I've monitored for quite some time. Sabana Reit is probably one of the most hated Reits in the whole universe of S-reits at the moment. And they are rightfully so. Investors who has been with them since the IPO has seen the share price go up to as high as $1.3+ before plunging all the way down to today's post-rights price of around $0.34. I was … [Read more...]

Sabana Reit (On A Skyfall)


Looking at the price action of Sabana Reit, I was quite astonished by the steep fall whereby their peak was around $1.20 in 2013 and is currently trading at $0.35. It have been on a steady decline since 2013. Part of the recent fall is due to a rights issue of 42 for 100 at $0.258 which will be used to finance the purchase of 3 new industrial properties. Background: Sabana Reit was listed … [Read more...]

REIT History: Frasers Commercial Trust

Fraser Commercial Trust is one of my smaller REIT counters.  Like AIMSAMPI Capital Industrial Reit, it is another reit that rises from the ashes.  I dug out history of the Reit from the Internet and I am particularly interested on its placements and rights issues in the past. Mar 2006: - IPO at $1.00 as Allco Reit. First commercial reit with properties in Singapore (China Square Central) and … [Read more...]

Asian Pay Television Trust – from IPO price of $0.97 to $0.38. Dividend yield of 18.4%!

HSYT came to me again to say this motherhood statement: :"The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets.Go buy APTT. Drop a lot! Dividend yield 18.4%,  P/B 0.45!"Nice, worth a look! Except that this phrase sounds vaguely familiar...Rothschild or something. Anyway, a drop of $0.97 to $0.38 in 3 years is darn huge and it would be very interesting to point the blame at something, interest … [Read more...]

Singapore IPOs Tikams for 2016


Some of you may be wondering why i have been missing for so long, well i do sincerely apologize as i have travelling quite a bit. The only thing that reached a record high this year is probably the amount of time i spent in the air . . . I can probably compile an album of all the "airplane food" I had in 2016 but let me do that in another post ^_^ Recap of 2016   Similar to last year, … [Read more...]

Reviewing a Short Land Lease Industrial Property Purchase – Cache Logistics Trust’s sells Changi Districentre 3 Case Study


Singapore listed logistics REIT Cache Logistics Trust (dividend yield 9%) 2 days ago announced that they will be selling of Changi Districentre 3. We take a snapshot of this divestment and cover: How we can evaluate a REIT manager’s acumen from their past strategic decisions Is Cache making a profit on this divestment? Does it make sense to acquire a property that has such a short land … [Read more...]


On the first trading day after IPO, this stock closed at $0.34. Today, the stock closed at $0.23, down by almost one-third of its high. The stock had an IPO price of $0.21, hence at today’s closing price, the stock was near to its IPO price though it was still around 10% higher than the IPO price. What is this stock? Well, it is none other than Katrina stock. Katrina is a F&B stock and … [Read more...]

REIT History: AIMSAMP Capital Industrial Reit

AIMSAMP Capital Industrial Reit is the 2nd largest of my REIT counters.  I dug out history of the Reit from the Internet and I am particularly interested on its placements and rights issues in the past. Apr 2007: - IPO at $1.20 as Macarthurcook Industrial Reit, with 12 properties in the initial portfolio - End 2007: 15 properties. Unit price: $0.97 (20% decline from IPO price) 2008: - … [Read more...]

Growth of Singapore’s Coal Mining Stocks


Singapore lists four Coal mining plays - Golden Energy and Resources, Geo Energy Resources, Resources Prima Group and BlackGold Natural Resources. All four stocks mine thermal coal - used to generate electricity, with mining conducted in Indonesia, and all companies report in US Dollars. The YTD returns of the four Coal miners have been mixed, with average returns of 1% in the 2016 year thus … [Read more...]

Consumer Sector Spotlight Continued Into Early December


While the STI generated a total return of 4.4% in the first 11 months of 2016, the three STI Consumer Staples Stocks averaged a 27.2% total return and the three STI Consumer Discretionary Stocks averaged a 15.2% total return. Last week two Consumer Staples stocks - Bumitama Agri and Dairy Farm International Holdings, and two Consumer Discretionary stocks - Parkson Retail Asia and Genting … [Read more...]

Real Estate Plays Feature in November’s Volume Leaders


The month of November saw six different sectors represented among the 10 most actively traded stocks with the biggest volume increases.  Almost half of the 10 most actively traded stocks were real estate plays. They comprised two REITs – AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT and Manulife US REIT, one Real Estate Developer  – GSH Corporation, and one Real Estate Operating Company – Global Logistic … [Read more...]

Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust FLT – Proactive Renewing Future Leases

Frasers Logistic and Industrial Trust (FLT) announced its maiden financial results after its listing this year. The REIT also declared a dividend per unit (DPU) of $0.0184 versus the IPO forecast of $0.0179. The results were inline, but in this article I want to see whether I can pick out anything that FLT does differently from the local REITs. I have to bear in mind that this is a very … [Read more...]

SK Bullion Experience (Part 1)

I have been a client of BullionStar for the past few years and I've always enjoyed my shopping experience with them. I think the most major plus of BullionStar is the ability to execute orders online. I hadn't seen any dealers with such a good system until I stumbled upon SK Bullion. SK Bullion is a subsidiary of the Soo Kee Group, which is a familiar jewelry shop in Singapore as well as a … [Read more...]

Singapore Healthcare Sector Outperforms Regional Benchmark in YTD


The SGX All Healthcare Index has generated a 6.4% total return in the year-to-date, and maintains a dividend yield of 5.9%. This compares with the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Asia ex-Japan Health Care Index, which has declined 2.4% in Singapore dollar terms over the same period, and maintains a yield of 1.2%. The three best-performing components of the SGX All Healthcare Index are Singapore Medical Group … [Read more...]

"One with the F&B Business That Got Listed Recently"


I thought about whether I want to really write about this "falling knife" since it only gotten listed recently. Writing it may make it worse for the existing shareholders. My rationale for looking at this stock was because: 1. It is in the food and beverage business - something my portfolio is lacking and something I am interested in. The price has been falling - After reaching the … [Read more...]

Company prospecting: Talkmed

(not vested) I have been crawling through medical companies, especially those offering direct services to patients. But have not go into those upstream, the manufacturers of medical equipments, products. One thing that struck me is the high lofty valuation of above 30 PE is more of norm than exception. It is a sector that seems that it can do no wrong, however, looking at the companies, I … [Read more...]

HC Surgical Specialists Limited


HC Surgical Specialists Limited ("HC Surgical" or "the Company") is offering 30m placement shares at $0.27 each for a listing on Catalist and there is no public tranche. The offer will close on 1 Nov 2016 at 12pm and commence trading on 3 Nov 2016 at 9am. The market cap is S$39.5m based on the IPO price. The Company is a medical services group primarily engaged in the provision of endoscopic … [Read more...]