Young Generations from Lower to Middle Income families starts their footing with debts

I did financial planning for many young gruduates over the years and really empathise with many of them on their financial difficulties in their early years and I have my fair bit of challenges in helping them getting the right insurance coverages and wealth accumulation discipline. Many graduates from low or middle income families have to start paying study loans to the banks or to their parents … [Read more...]

Blog Temporarily ceased. No new articles allowed

Dear all, I’d stopped writing for quite sometime due to some of our new company’s policies. All website or blogs maintained by advisers have to be approved by the company regardless if the FA firm is named or un-named as long as wealth planning issues are discussed. Every future new blog postings must be also approved by the compliance team. I am also not supposed to receive any leads or … [Read more...]

Habits of a Successful Adviser (2)

The professionalism have to be in place though the points below are more sales based. The reality in life is that this business is largely on Sales and knowing where to find people who appreciate our expertises. I leave my fate to the almighty till 30th June but had somehow accepted that I will get a paycut from 1st July if that is his will. I think I can only look forward to my new banding … [Read more...]

Habits of a Successful Advisor (1)

I have been going through a rough and frustrating patch since end of 2010.  The long hours I spent with my work had taken a toll on my health, family and relationships. I couldn’t explain to my family on why I spend so many hours outside and yet not bringing home the desired income. I know that with way I conduct my business and how I position myself, I will still be the same or probably worse … [Read more...]

An insurance portfolio that makes my blood boil.

I was at one point wondering if Financial Advisers in Singapore are helping people or they are helping themselves by exploiting the people. I have been compiling portfolios over the years and I seldom come across a portfolio which in my opinion, proper… I’ll like to show one classic example on the type of portfolio that I frequently compiled. I’m sure that this supposedly IFA is … [Read more...]

Woman and Financial Planning

It is the 100th anniversary of the International Women’s Day today and I like to write a bit more about woman on this special Day. I always feel that woman is a very special creature. My observation is that they are a very hardworking, determined and meticulous when we compare them to man. I also admire their spirit in going through the ordeal of child bearing and motherhood. In today’s … [Read more...]

Wisdom on How to Live Life

For those who knows me will know that I’m not someone who are keen in reading except financial reports and occasionally motivational books. One series of books that actually caught my attention sometime early last year was by Dr Tommy Wong S.W. The name of the 3 books are “Wisdom on How to Live Life”… I just like to share a few note about these book and perhaps it might interest you. Dr … [Read more...]

Enquiry on Term or WL plan

From Mr T, whom I will be meeting to understand his financial needs and direction soon… ++ QTE ++ Hi akhiat   I’m XXX, i read your blog online. I would like to seek advice from you, currently i’m having a whole life insurance policy under TM asia legacy plus 20yr plan – cover S$100k plus S$100k dread disease rider, annual payment of $2294. I took up this policy under my … [Read more...]

Distribution of CPF monies on death

As I was helping with my client’s death claim recently, I got to recap on some of the issues arising from CPF monies on death. I was surprised that many people had so many different versions on how CPF monies are distributed upon death. The common misconceptions are: CPF monies will only transfer to beneficiaries CPF accounts, Medisave monies cannot be withdrawn, CPF monies goes back to … [Read more...]

Too Little, Too Late…

On 23rd January 1:02am, I received an sms from one of my policyholder’s brother-in-law. He informed me that MG had passed away in Tan Tock Seng Hospital due to a sudden cardiac arrest. MG was 33 years old, perfectly healthy and fit, active in Lion Dance. He left behind his elderly mother, 3 years old son and his wife. MG was referred to me in 2006 through his brother-in-law, who also happens to be … [Read more...]

Papaya measures to curb property prices

This is a good piece of news to me as a concerned Singaporeans and probably to many of our fellow friends who are looking towards buying their first property and yet being deprived by the speculators. The measures taken in September last year are too soft which in my opinion are not effective. The measures taken back then only reduce the crazy mode to a less crazy mode. Previously it rose at a … [Read more...]

3 minutes investment updates – 01/2011

First of all, I’ll like to wish all of you a very happy new year. May 2011 be a blessed and fruitful year for all of you. In my first day at work back in office, I’ll like to give you some updates on the indices movement for this year and my personal views for 2011. Pls note that whatever I wrote will be my personal opinion and not from any firm that I may represent. Pls regard me just as a … [Read more...]

CPF Life, MSS or Annuity?

I was approached by one of my client to do some calculation on the difference between CPF Life, MSS and Annuity. She is currently 57 yrs old and wants me to use $100,000 as a basis for comparison. Assumptions 1) Mrs X – Female (16th Aug 1953) 2) Has exactly $100,000 when she was 55 yrs old in her Retirement Account 3) With interest of 4%p.a, she probably have around $108,160 in her … [Read more...]

The problem about regular investments (RSP)

I received an email from one of my policyholder recently asking if he should stop and sell his RSP investments as his current investment is giving him over 10% of profits at the moment. Such is a common request even in good and bad times. He is not wrong to stop and redeem all his investments when he is already on 10% profits, especially if he has the need to use the funds now. However, I don’t … [Read more...]

Covering our needs with Term Insurance

During the NTUC Income 40th Year anniversary dinner held in October this year, Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong encouraged the insurance industry to place more emphasis on term insurance plans while he addressed the protection needs of Singaporeans. His words came timely because according to a research conducted by Nanyang Technological University in 2009, Singaporeans has an average cover of only … [Read more...]

The “WANTS” of Investing

Prior constructing an investment portfolio for my clients, I will normally access the “WANTS” for them. This “WANTS”, not only implies what they wants in their life, it is actually my Acronym for their “Willingnesss”, “Ability”, “Needs”, “Time Horizon” and “Suitability” Only after determining the WANTS, will I be able to ensure what I recommend will be suitable for them in their long … [Read more...]

3 minutes investment update – 10/2010

First Minute – Lets look at the indices 1. Emerging Markets and Asia-ex-Japan index rose about 11% for the month alone. The Kopsi did well with 11.3% rise. 2. Year to date, Asia-ex-Japan and Emerging markets did well with an increase of 11.3% and 9.8% respectively. 3.Gold is the best performer of the year so far having appreciate 19.2% to a high of 1,309 at end of September. It reached … [Read more...]

The misunderstood profession

Mr X is a property agent. He acts as the middleman between a buyer and seller of a property by negotiating the price between the two interested parties and transacts the deal. He can get as much as 2% of the total purchase price of the house which means that for a $800,000 property, he can get as much as $16,000. Subtracting the cost of business, he probably makes $12,000. When all the paperwork … [Read more...]

Power of a Roadshow Agent

I have a colleague, Mr Senior Seow, 20 over years in the financial advisory industry. He has 2 sons and the younger one (Junior Seow) had finally graduated from NTU and found a job in the oil & gas industry. He has not received his first salary yet. One evening, the Seow family had dinner at Bishan Junction 8. Senior Seow left earlier as he have to meet some clients. Junior Seow then … [Read more...]

Is Whole Life Plan necessary?

I again have to emphasize that I’m not comparing a “Buy Term Invest the Difference” Vs “Buy Whole Life Plan” argument. Getting into such arguments will waste me a lot of time where I rather spend to serve my clients and expand my business. Writing this blog is to feed my interest in writing about Financial Planning issues and my opinion of the industry and not to generate businesses or to … [Read more...]