How will patience get you rich??? – 3 examples


Sometimes the power of now can really kill you?? can it??? As discussed earlier on(Singtel)….let see how patience fare. You have saved up $2,900 to purchase Singtel stock.. How should I purchase? (Dividend calculation are not included to simplify calculation) “LIMPEI want to do something now” Scenario Notice Singtel price soaring and thinking about how much you would have made if … [Read more...]

Singtel – What really matters in a Stock


The more familiar the brand is… the more safe it would be?? Diversified Telecommunication Services | M1 & Starhub are industrialised as Wireless Telecom Services – HUH?!?!? | 6 Subsidiaries (Optus, NCS, InSing, Innov8, Amobee, TrustWave) | 1 Partner – Bridge Alliance 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to book ratio : 2.542 ( 1.5 times overvalued) Price to … [Read more...]

Ascott Residence Trust – What really matters in a REIT


should you just purchase since it’s a big company/well known? Listed on SGX 2006 (10 Yrs) | 4.9 Billion Asset | Property around the world IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to Earning Ratio : 10.216 (Under Performing – 20 is the mean) Price to Book Ratio : 0.73 ( 27% Discount) LEARN ABOUT THEIR NUMBERS Gearing : 74.42% ( High dependency on debt to … [Read more...]

Suntec – What really matters in a REIT?


What ever that is written their is my bias opinion and you guys have to remember that! Park Mall | Suntec City | One Raffles Quay | MBFC properties | 177 Pacific Highway | 98.6% committed occupancy (Averaged out between Office and Retail) IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to Earning Ratio : 12.929 Price to Book Ratio : 0.806 ( 19.04% Discount) LEARN … [Read more...]

Deutsche Bank – Understand what is happening in 5 mins


Graph is always easiest to understand In order to facilitate easier understand on what is happening… Image is always the best to start with Basically Deutsche Bank Stock Price have a high probability to head the same direction as Lehman before the Crash/Filing for bankruptcy (2007-8). Currently have low liquidity (very low cash) & Failed twice on the bank stress test  (basically how … [Read more...]

Genting Singapore – What really matters in a Bond


very safe Perpetual Securities – Get paid first before the shareholders | 5.12% | Hotel, Restaurant & Leisure 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF BOND BELOW PAR VALUE Current market value : 1.030 ( $30 dollars above par value) 2)  LEARN ABOUT THEIR NUMBERS Debt To Equity: 14.09% ( Low reliance on debt) Growth Performance : -35% (Negative growth rate, worst than the previous … [Read more...]

Capital Mall – What really matters in a Bond


Big brand doesn’t mean good brand Semi-Annual (twice a year) | 3.8% per annum 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF Bond Below Par Value Current market value : 1.016 ($16 dollars above par value) 2)  LEARN ABOUT THEIR NUMBERS Debt To Equity: 92.68% ( High reliance on debt for growth, so if payment is missed… you know what will happen) Growth Performance : -6.14% (Negative growth rate, worst than … [Read more...]

Hutchison Port Holding – What really matters in a stock?


Quantity is not better than Quality Container Port Business Trust | Owns interest in two container port (HK & Shenzhen) | Provides logistic & Supply chain solutions | Feb 2016 : Had Job cuts and Disruption calls for sensitive leadership 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to book ratio : 0.734 (26.6% discount of actual) Price to earning ratio : … [Read more...]

Keppel Corporation Limited – What really matters in a Stock


Cheap stuff doesn’t mean good stuff  It’s a holding company of 5 subsidiaries | Land/Transport/Communication/Offshore Marine/ Capital | Started in 1968 | Temasek Holding holds 20.43% of its shares 1)  Identification of Companies that are undervalued. Price to book ratio : 0.861 (Discount of 13.9%) Price to earning ratio : 8.12 2)  Learn about Their numbers Debt To Equity: … [Read more...]

Should you buy a second home as an investment?? (Part 2 – Revenue)


Everything so expensive Now after knowing all the Cost/Other factors in Part 1, let’s move on to the only way to get a Second Home. Utilising CPF – If only you never wipe out your CPF after your 1st house You can only utilise it if your CPF(OA/SA/CPIS-SA) have more than Half of the prevailing CPF minimum Sum currently at $80,500 [$161,00/2]. If your CPF surpass the $80,500 mark ( You can … [Read more...]

Should you buy a second home as an investment?? (Part 1 – Cost)


Is it impo@ssible to buy two house in singapore??? As there will be too many numbers, this topic will be a two part series with the final one connecting all of them together. Before buying it is always important to know ALL costs/factors behind them. Cost Factors – Upfront fees before getting your keys Buyer Stamp Duty Tax (BSD) – On property price 1% for the first 1$80k 2% for the … [Read more...]

Chemical Industries (Far East) – What really matters in a stock


Must always listen to professional advise on tv Sole manufacturer of chlorine/caustic soda/other chlor-alkaline products in Singapore | Since 1963 | 3 Facilities 1)  Identification of Companies that are undervalued. Price to book ratio : 0.487 (52 % Discount?!) Price to earning ratio : 4.123 (Undervalued) 2)  Learn about Their numbers Debt To Equity: 19.239 (Super low reliance on … [Read more...]

Fraser Commercial – What really matters in a REIT


Is always up to you to make the choice Started in 2006 | Properties in Australia & Singapore | BAA3 Rating (Moodys IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to Earning Ratio : 12.95 ( Below average) Price to Book Ratio : 0.911 ( 9% discount on actual value) LEARN ABOUT THEIR NUMBERS Gearing : 61.26% ( High dependency on debt to finance growth) NAV : … [Read more...]

Parkway Life – What really matters in a Reit


Healthcare is always needed, so is a good buy?? is it?  61.8% of its revenue comes from Parkway life hospital. Identification of Companies that are undervalued. Price to Earning Ratio : 24.19 Price to Book Ratio : 1.55 ( 55% more expensive) Learn about Their numbers Gearing : 35.3% (Low dependancy on debt for growth) Wale : 9.12 years (Longer lease agreement – Sign … [Read more...]

How to add more hours to your day – 2 Steps


Every second count……is it even logical for us to say that? It is definitely easier to say what we can do then do what we have said. Have you realised the lack of hours we have in the day is a true excuse? Because I have…. Identify How you spend every hour in a day (It takes 21 days to form a basic habit – as intimidating as it may sound, remember success is just a matter of … [Read more...]

HYFLUX PreCapSec- What really matters in a Bond


investing in bonds are safe and slow What are Perpetual Securities Hybrid form of securities that combine features of both debt and equity Won’t be paid on time if Issuer decides to postpone the payments ( But Hylfux has implement a dividend stopper – means if they do not pay regular coupon payment, it will not be able to pay dividend to its shareholders) Won’t be redeemed if Issuer … [Read more...]

5cent, 10 cent, 20cent – The best place to deposit your coins


if you’re a lazy ass like me who just doesn’t want to due with asking people to change with you. I wanna bank in 228 coins (72 50cent, 36 20cents, 110 10cents, 10 5cents) = $65.5 Currently I have 5 Options to choose from: Posb/Dbs – Charges $0.012 per coin (Cost : $ 2.74) Singapore Mint – Charges $3.75 for every 1,000 coins (Cost : $3.75) OCBC – Charges $1.50 for every 100 coins (Cost … [Read more...]

Perennial Real Estate Holdings – What really matters in a Bond


Bond is berry safe Perennial is an integrated real estate and healthcare company, some famous building would be AXA tower, Triple one, Chijmes, Captiol, Chinatown Point 1.Learning the basics 2. The numbers – Financially healthy  Net Asset Value Per Share stands at : 1.345 Debt to Asset : 32.6% (2015) Net Debt to Equity : 50% (2015) In a “Bond” shell, what we (consumer) should look … [Read more...]

Insurance – All you need to know in 5 mins


what we seek from insurance is a peace of mind…. but does it really gives it? maybe it does? The 4 Main Types of insurance Term Life  “Term” states that it is for a period normally 5 – 30 years coverage It allows you to choose what is to be protected and hence allowing you to pay lesser premium (Cover only what is needed to be covered) Pure insurance benefit (Very little to no cash … [Read more...]

Ellipsiz (BIX) What really matters in a Stock


the only thing that confuse us is our desperation to get rich quick Ellipsiz is in the semiconductor industry 1)  Identification of Companies that are undervalued. Price to book ratio : 0.491 (GSS promotion – 51% discount) Price to earning ratio : 6.533 ( Under valued – Below average < 9.376, Might not be performing so well as compared to its competitor) 2)  Learn about Their … [Read more...]