Value Investing – What Really Matters Series

wa so many thing to take note of, like that by the time I evaluate a company I sure pass away one. What company should I look at?? -something I’m familiar with? or everything since diversity is a good thing? This is a question that many have asked but little have an answer to it, even for me, but what I do know is it that I’m looking for companies that are selling at a discount due to past … [Read more...]

Steps to open a Standard Chartered Securities Trading account


I don’t know how to do it, so tedious… because got no one to help me Step 1 : Locate a branch near you Step 2 : Go to that branch (during non peak hours) that you have selected  Try to avoid peak hours! I’ve done mine within 30mins Step 3: Approach the ticketing counter (There will be an assistant/agent standing there) and ask to open a securities … [Read more...]

Starhill – What really matters in a REIT?


52 Indicators/ 1 Billion trading seminars / 1 Gozillion trading “proven” methodologies I would say it is impossible for you to study everything and then choose the one that best fits you. Because by then, you would have probably passed away ( I know i would). So why Numbers are important?? Price to Book Value – 0.87 (This shows that the stock is undervalued)                                     … [Read more...]

How do I plan to increase my Knowledge (2 Steps)


but everything must pay…like that how to achieve financial independence  That sentence itself proves the lack of empowerment in understanding the importance of knowledge and time. Imagine you can cut short the amount of time to learn a single subject from 1 year to 1 month by paying $xxx amount? – But remember the time save = $$$ x $$$ First step – Identify what knowledge you lack of Do not … [Read more...]

Understanding Physical Gratification (Improving the investing mindset)


Whatever I want now has to happen now Have you realised that it is through technology that we start to crave immediate gratification?? The evolution of behaviour is shape day by day through the used of a single technology, for  example when you ON your computer now – it immediately starts up. Remember those day where computers were slow and we were using dial-up to surf the web? you tend to be … [Read more...]

REITS – Learning to evaluate (3 Steps)


There’s always a thousand and one way to evaluate What space does SoilBuild Covers? Manufacturing, Engineering, Logistic, Warehousing, Electronics, Marine, Oil & Gas, Research and Development and Value-added knowledge-based activities. What we are trying to look out for in this question is DIVERSITY  2. The numbers (2015 Financial Report) Portfolio occupancy rate … [Read more...]

Credit Card – It’s better than cash!


You must be shitting me….HOW CAN CREDIT CARD BE BETTER?? These are the Two best credit cards to consider for  an average Singaporean (who does a lot of grocery shopping, petrol pumping and dinning outside) HSBC Visa Platinum Card  All you need is a $30k annual salary So let’s do the math together…. My family grocery (before the rebates and discount) will sum up to $400/Monthly, Petrol … [Read more...]

Singapore plans to become the world’s first smart nation (Things you should know)


1) The importance of programming Kids (starting from 5 years old) in China and England have mandatory computer science class – where coding and hosting are being taught to them. This is where it build a huge gap in Singapore’s future workforce. 2) Investment opportunity This year, the government has committed US $13.8 BILLION in a 5 year plan to build innovation and technology adoption in … [Read more...]

Housing – Buying/Selling (Learn it in 1 chart)


Singapore Property Price Index is the only thing u need to know Resale & New flat (SRX) – Overall an uptrend marketThe property index depicts the current health of the property market hence knowing this is vital. Looking at the chart, the first area (Between the red lines) was caused by the dot-com crisis followed by the gulf war. In 2005 (Green line), Government injected stimulus that … [Read more...]

Financial Independence – How I plan to achieve it (3 Steps)


It was 3 years ago where i start to see the importance of money, time and all the bullshit.. In order to plan the steps to achieve Financial Independence(FI), I have to first define what is my maximum spending amount a month that I think is sufficient (Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually). The figure would be $10k a month That number includes – housing rental, bills, parents allowance and … [Read more...]