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Volatile shipping market shows signs of recovery

It was reported in channel news asia today that the shipping market is showing signs of recovery. However, China’s economy is still showing signs of slow growth therefore the recovery should be more gradual instead of a sharp recovery.The Baltic Dry index is an indicator of the state of the shipping industry.  Investopedia explains Baltic Dry index as:A shipping and trade index created by the London-based Baltic Exchange that measures changes in the cost to transport raw materials such as metals, grains and fossil fuels by sea. The Baltic Exchange directly contacts shipping brokers to assess price levels for...

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Select Group secures land to accommodate food business expansion

Saw this news on the straits times. Looks like this company is expanding. Building a new HQ with its central kitchen and R&D centres under one roof just like breadtalk. Qutoed from the straits times on July 12, 2013: “Select Group has accepted an offer of direct land allocation from Jurong Town Corporation of a piece of vacant leasehold site of about 64,434 square feet at...

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Has Singapore achieved the Swiss standard of living?

Singapore is ranked 4th in the world by GDP per capita surpassing the United States, Hong Kong and even Switzerland. Does this mean our standard of living is higher than the people in Switzerland and Hong Kong? GDP per capita is calculated by the value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given year , divided by the average (or mid year) population for the same...

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Analysing a company – The importance of R&D

Just ended my economics class awhile ago and there were some interesting discussions today. Some of the discussions include 1) the problems of ageing population in singapore, 2) the restriction of foreign workers by increasing foreign worker levy 3) why singaporeans have to retire later as retirement age is constantly increasing. All these are big topics and it has been debated for the past few years in our homeland, singapore. So what has this got to do with our analysis of companies to invest? I think as our economy becomes more competitive and we face a shortage of manpower...

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Life of poor and rich people

Saw a fellow blogger AK71’s post titled “have money also must have heart”. This reminded me of a video I saw on youtibe showing the difference between how the rich and poor live their lives. In the midst of striving to be rich, let’s not forget to have a heart for the...

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Company in focus – Select Group

Select group is a leading food service provider in Singapore. They started out with catering as their main business and branching out over the years to include restaurants, fast food chains, desert chains, F&B management services, event catering etc. Below shows the select group of companies under them: This company caught my attention as their financials reflect positively on their management capabilities. Some of their brands are quite successful and i’ll describe my experiences of what i think of them. Firstly, Texas Chicken is a well known brand in Singapore now. When they first started out, i was sceptical...

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How rising interest rate affects the housing loan you pay? [Guest Contribution]

Interest rates are starting to rise and it affects the amount of loan that you pay for your housing mortgages. But how much will it affect you? Look at the simple illustration below: A Singaporean Guide to home buying fees and charges Click Here for PDF Inforgraphics provided by , a price comparison website dedicated to helping Singaporeans make the best use of your...

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Cheapest nasi briyani in Singapore

Today I managed to have the cheapest nasi briyani I’ve ever had in my life. A plate of nasi briyani with one curry chicken drumstick, egg and vegetable cost only $1.90!!! Nasi briyani easily cost more than $5 elsewhere. If youre thinking where to get it, you’ll be disappointed coz its only available in school’s canteen. Just lucky today I was doing some work at a secondary school in Singapore so got a chance to eat cheap food. This make me believe that high and increasing food stall rental is the cause of our more expensive food prices here...

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Choosing the right housing loan with imoney

Buying a house is a major decision in life. There are so many packages in the market from different banks offering different interest rates mortgages. Which one should you choose? There is this website I discovered which offers a good comparison of the different housing loan interest rates packages offered by the various banks in Singapore. You can check out this website  They also offer comparisons of saving deposits interest rates, time deposit rates, credit cards information and much more. Banks in their list include DBS, POSB, OCBC, HSBC, OUB, Citibank, standard chartered bank, RHB, ANZ, Hong Leong,...

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