2021 has come to an end. The year flew by in an instant as there were quite a few major changes to my life. I got married earlier this year in Jan and moved to a new house in Oct. This was in the midst of a busy work schedule as I continued to work in a public hospital in Singapore. There were a few waves of COVID-19 infections and everytime there’s a new wave, the hospital scrambles with everything its got to support the country in need. Every employee plays their part in this fight against COVID-19 no matter if they are doctors, nurses, allied health professionals or admin workers.

I’ve learnt a lot through the experiences I’ve had this year. I learnt that life is fragile, I’ve seen deaths. I’ve seen how people come together to help each other when in crisis. These are the experiences I get from my work which can be emotionally draining sometimes but it helps me grow stronger.