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Rebalancing Woes

Rebalancing is the act of bringing your portfolio back to its original allocation, therefore reducing your risks through diversification. It also helps to sell away good performing asset classes and buy in non-performing ones.1 However, there are some occasions where it is a bit difficult to do rebalancing. The main reason for this is there is nothing in the non-performing asset class to buy in. For example, you needed to do rebalancing between equities and REITs. You have identified which equities to sell, but you cannot find any from the REIT side. Still, rebalancing has to be done. You...

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Retail REITs – One interesting way to analyse

The three important attributes of a property, as the adage goes, are “location, location and location”. Especially for retail properties, this adage holds true. For my analysis of retail properties, specifically in the context of REITs, I would expand the “three locations” into something more detailed; the location of influence, the location of competitors and the location of complements. Before we begin, let us take out a map, and we use the Singapore map for reference, since we are more familiar with the local retail properties here. Next, on each of the retail property the REIT owns, draw a...

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