Author: The Sleepydevil's Adventure

An opportunity to Japan

First and foremost, a very big thank you to the kind compliments & advice some readers and seniors is providing me with. I’m extremely grateful for that. As much as I will remember that I’m still very young and there’s a long journey ahead, I must also constantly remind myself that I’m only 19 once, I will need to have some fun along the way and not be regretting that I did not enjoy myself when I’m younger. Coming to my final year in the school, I will be embarking on my internship, which I will be able to...

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A duet between ComfortDelGro & Uber?

ComfortDelGro in talks with Uber over possible alliance?   CDG has announced earlier today that it has signed a letter with Uber Technologies for an “exclusive discussions” on a possible “strategic alliance” Despite ‘taxi booking’ has been made available through Uber/Grab’s platform some time ago, it is important to also note that most rider uses Uber/Grab’s private-hire rather than CDG’s taxi as it is a cheaper alternative. The promotion given to rider could easily allow rider to travel between short distances for free or maybe as cheap as $1. As mention previously in the post regarding CDG’s FY2017 Q2...

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