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Investing, Uncertainty and Luck: Areas of Control

February 10, 2019Ben This is a two part series on uncertainty and luck in the stock market. Stay tuned for part two! It goes without saying that investing comes with a certain degree of uncertainty. No one can predict where the market is going. Even with the safest government bonds, there is a chance that they will default (an extremely low chance, but still there). This means that a certain degree of luck comes into play when investing, since this is an area out of our control. Investing has an additional dimension which increases uncertainty as compared to other...

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Singapore Savings Bond Comparison: Mar 18

February 2, 2019 Ben This is a monthly series where I do a comparison of the current issue of the Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) against the past SSB issuances over the last ten years. MAS has been issuing the SSB every month for over three years now, and many Singaporeans will have heard of it before. They have even started advertising at bus stops and MRT stations. Here are the key benefits: (Virtually) Risk Free: Backed by Singapore Government with AAA credit rating (Almost) No Fees: There’s only a $2 fee when buying or selling Capital Guaranteed: You will...

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Why I pick stocks over ETFs

ETFs have been widely touted as the ideal investment for many retail investors: easily accessible, low cost, low maintenance and diversification (dependent on which ETF). There’s even the famous ten-year bet by Warren Buffet between low cost, diversified ETFs and actively managed hedge funds. Buffet won. So why do I pick stocks over dumping it all in an ETF? Beating The Market My goal is to beat the market by more than 5% per year over ten years or more. This can only be achieved through active management of your portfolio. By managing your own portfolio, you have control...

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2018 Yearly Update

January 16, 2019 Ben It has been 5 months since the start of this blog. A relatively short time. I can’t help but wonder what it will be like a year from now, when I’m writing the 2019 yearly review. In these short few months, I’ve already picked up some skills and gained more knowledge while blogging. I know for certain that 2019 will be better, and I hope that you have gained something while following my journey too. Goal: Healthier Eating There seems to be a trend regarding this goal… Not surprising My holiday expenses in December 2018...

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