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September 2015 – Low Cost Portfolio

STI broke it’s August low in September to test 2740 level and subsequently rebounded. I took the opportunity during market panic to add First REIT into my low cost portfolio. At my buying price of $1.205 per share, yield on cost was a decent 6.8%. Loss YTD increased to -5.08% or -11.55% on a weighted annualized basis. No dividend received in September. I added $3,000.00 of fresh fund into the portfolio in September. As my portfolio allocation had achieved the targeted allocation of 60% equity and 40% bond, I planned to sit tight and only increase equity allocation if...

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September 2015 – Unit Trust Portfolio Update

September is the 2nd month my unit trust portfolio dipped into negative territory. On annualized weighted basis, portfolio return was -2.01%. Total YTD return was -1.51%. I didn’t have many transactions in September as my unit trust allocation was close to the intended allocation of 60% equity+high yield, and 40% bonds. I received cash dividend of $155.33. Below were the summary of my transactions in September 2015: 1. Bought First State Dividend Advantage $2,000.00 Schroder ISF Gb Div Max A DIS SGD $2,000.00 Link to Yaruzi’s unit trust portfolio allocation as of Sep...

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Aug 2015 – Low Cost Portfolio

STI started the year at 3370.59 level, reached a peak at 3539.95 on 15 August based on closing price. On 31st August STI traded at 2921.44, giving a YTD return of -13.33% or -17.47% if we bought at the peak. My low cost portfolio that started in April YTD return was -4.26% as of 31 Aug 2015. On a weighted annualized basis, return was -11.37%. I received USD 65.68 in cash from ABF PAIF, an ETF which invested in Pan Asia bond. During the sell off in August, I bought the following ETF and REIT, which brought my portfolio...

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August 2015 – Unit Trust Portfolio

August was a busy month for my unit trust portfolio, as I did a number of transactions. Taking opportunity of the equity market weakness, the panic, the volatility, whatever we called it, I kept increasing the portfolio allocation for equities. Portfolio dipped into negative territory for the first time this year. On annualized weighted basis, portfolio return was -0.36% by 31 Aug 2015, outperforming ALL major indexes. I received cash dividends of $399.97, which I would re-invest. Below were the summary of my transactions in August 2015: 1. Bought First State Dividend Advantage $17,500.00 FTIF-Templeton Global Fd A(acc) SGD $6,000.00 Schroder ISF Gb...

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Don’t Waste Our Life On The Pavement

“The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.” – Revelation 21:21 NKJV “Don’t waste our life on the pavement” was the powerful sermon message I came across this morning. It reminded me on what our true purpose in this world was What are we living for? Are we living just to eat our bread of toil? To pile up the gold and the treasures? One day, the gold we fight so hard for our whole life, will be worthless. Because we’ll walk...

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