5 Money Saving Tips For DIY Travellers

Travelling indeed is included in everyone's life goals. Well, who would resist experiencing the charm of new places - of actually stepping on those same fascinating destinations you only see on photos and of interacting with the locals? Whether it's that great dimsum matched perfectly with the spring season in Hong Kong or the artistic side of Barcelona that unleashes its best as September hits … [Read more...]

Another Example of CPF Nomination

Read? My CPF Nomination Experience Uncle8888 nominated 100% to Auntie8888 Auntie8888 nominated to her three children : 34%, 34% and 32% There is valid reason for doing this form of nomination instead of spouse nominating each other! Guess why? 34%, 34% and 32% (as 33.33% still cannot add up to 100.00% so CPF System disallow) When it is about money; we still need to count to the 2 … [Read more...]

My CPF Nomination Experience


I've been wanting to do nomination for my CPF account for a very long time but has always procrastinate on laziness. Last week, when a group of us are chatting about it in the chatgroup, I quickly made a decision to book for an appointment and I went down to the center during lunch hour. *Do note that an appointment is highly recommended as otherwise the waiting time could be up to 2 … [Read more...]

Freeing Up More Time And A Slower Accumulation Rate


I am celebrating my 31st birthday in a couple of days’ time and I will be getting my best present ever. More of the Mrs’ time. Freeing Up More Time Together Yes, the Mrs will be leaving her job very soon. Probably still two more months of notice to go and after that, there is a strong likelihood that she would be enjoying a 15 hour work week from July till the end of the year. With a … [Read more...]

How Much Is The Real Cost To Hire a Maid in Singapore?


Hiring domestic help in Singapore is a fairly common practice.  In many dual-income families where both parents work long hours, domestic help is often employed to cope with household chores and with taking care of the kids and old folks. If your life circumstances have changed and you’re considering hiring a domestic helper for your home, one of the first concerns you may have is the financial … [Read more...]

CardUp – A Service Perfect for Renters?


First off, this isn't a sponsored post. I just stumbled upon their services and I thought that it is a pretty good service. All right, so what is this CardUp thing I'm talking about? Blah blah blah. What does it do? Instead of making monthly bank transfer to your landlord, you through them. They will transfer the money to your landlord, take a processing fee, and charge the whole amount … [Read more...]

Random musings about Bangkok.

This is not a lifestyle blog but I spent the last 3 days in Bangkok in a fairly intense but fun trip. Here are some random thoughts from my trip. a) Singapore is losing on many fronts to Bangkok in retail and entertainment The retail situation in Bangkok is really so much larger in terms of scale and variety. The first thing you notice is that there is no "Capital Mall" effect and each … [Read more...]

Better Alternatives to get Miles (vs the KrisFlyer UOB Account)

In my last post, I wrote about how I was misled by the influencers who worked on the #KrisFlyerUOB campaign to believe it was a good account, when it really wasn't. Now that we've seen how lifestyle influencers are capable of royally screwing up reviews related to financial products, how about brands start giving the sponsored posts to the financial bloggers instead? A few folks have asked … [Read more...]

How much are Airline Miles Worth?


I got into this topic by reading MileLion's latest poke post on the KF UOB account, how bad it actually it and finally reading his post of how he value miles. I think you guys would know this by now, but I find earning miles kind of lame. Flying to me is just transportation. I get into my seat, I fall asleep, I wake up for the food, resume sleep, and I de-plane. I get on the cheapest and … [Read more...]

Krisflyer UOB Influencers’ Campaign Reeks of Dishonesty?

If I were to believe what all the influencers on the #KrisFlyerUOB campaign said, I'd think the account and debit card is a wonderful deal. Except that it is not. Now, here's where it gets interesting. I personally thought it was a terrible product, but apparently all these (realllllllly popular) influencers don't seem to share my views. In fact, they had nothing but praises for it! I'll … [Read more...]

Government paid child benefits for self-employed

It's always hard to find stuff for self employed individuals like me, so since I've already done my research, I might as well share it with others who are in a similar situation as me. I just had a baby boy and he's doing mightily fine. As a self employed, I have no company benefits as a father. Since almost all the benefits given by the company as a employee is co-shared by the government … [Read more...]

How do I protect my assets before marriage?

My last blog post probably didn't sit well with most female readers, if not all, even though it is quite a common view among the guys. I know, sexism is alive and it is very much the case for both guys and girls, if I may add. Then, a reader brought up the issue of prenuptial agreements. What is a prenuptial agreement or prenup? A prenuptial agreement, antenuptial agreement, … [Read more...]

Useful Thought Experiment: What If You Were To Die Exactly 10 Years Later?

All I want to know is where I’m going to die so I’ll never go there – Charlie Munger What’s both fascinating and cruel about life is how unpredictable it is. And at the heart of it all is not knowing when we would leave this world. Death tends to scupper the most well-laid of plans. I find it very interesting that we tend to underestimate our longevity but overestimate the odds of being … [Read more...]

Consolidating my portfolio and diversifying


Been busy recently, and trying to start an Amazon ecommerce business as a sideline to provide additional cashflow (as well as doing some additional due diligence in reading materials related to it). Haven't had much time to work on my watchlist as well. Finally got to combining my US and SG portfolio together, and thus will track something like the FTSE All-World Index funds for a better … [Read more...]

"Women are like the rake in poker."

I was chatting with a reader on FB about saving money and I gave him a link to one of my old blogs:http://singaporeanstocksinvestor.blogspot.sg/2011/12/common-piece-of-advice-on-saving.html I was scrolling through the comments section and found this: Reader: Hah, while I definitely agree with what you say about the tips on drinking water from coolers, for the large part, it is a very male … [Read more...]

Fortune 500 Rankings: The Top Are Not Necessary the Great

If you stroll through the Fortune Rankings of the world’s companies, you probably see the MNC you are working in at the top 500 list. Or in another instance, your employer may be one of the best or top performers in a particular market or industry which is operating similarly to how the smartphones’ market share is dominated by a few major competitors. The main point here is not that they can be … [Read more...]

Spend more money to make more money!

Reader: I am from a humble working class family, staying with my grandmother, parents, and younger brother in a 4 room flat. My younger brother is very intelligent but doesn't like school. He ventured into MLM last year and enjoyed some early success. Now, he wants to buy a car and it has to be a Mercedes Benz or BMW. I told him to save the money. He said he must look successful and rich to … [Read more...]

How much can A Young Singaporean Adult Earned in the Next 10 Years?

One of the biggest uncertainty for a young adult is that you are unsure where your career will take you. Or whether you will stay in that career at all. Many people took a particular route and realize that they hate their job. This is why sometimes I feel doing 2 years of work in your industry before taking a degree might calibrate your university decision better. As we start working, … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Quality of Life


I often seen posts on best place to retire. Be it daily necessity, bills or health care. One of the primary reason is cost. Frankly I think this people get it all wrong. The Best Place to retire is where Love is. Where friends are. Where Home is. Going to faraway land, cheap and lower standard of hygiene ... that's escapism. Out of no choice. Desperation. Worst still, alone. Sorry if I poke too … [Read more...]

Your Children University Fund. Who pays???

Read? Sending Your Kid To Overseas University Education Real People. Real Story. He has gotten his flat and getting married soon; but he is financially stress as he has supported himself and paid for himself his tertiary education as his father's CPF OA was not enough to pay for his tuition loan after using up for his elder sister's tertiary tuition fee. While his peers are saving money; … [Read more...]