Critical Illness coverage after age 75

I recently voice my concerns about Critical Illness (CI) coverage in sgfunds. "Maybe I'm just paranoid but I always imagine myself getting a critical illness when I'm old. It doesn't help when the government says that 1 in 2 will live till 85yrs. I imagine the worst case scenario that I'm all alone and barely surviving with my retirement fund. How do I cover myself if I have a CI after age … [Read more...]

Disability Income Insurance

Many of us are familiar with the idea of buying insurance to cover ourself in the event of Death, Critical Illness and Total Permanent Disability (TPD). However, what worries me is what happen if I'm not able to work and yet do not meet any of the three requirements? Who then can I rely on if I'm alone or if I'm the sole bread winner? I believe some will ask how can that be … [Read more...]

Why No Personal Dental Insurance?

I have recently voice my displeasure in on the lack of dental insurance in Singapore. I asked why dental insurance is not offered to individuals and the replies I received were that dental is not as important as critical illness, disability or accident and the premiums will be too high. This article published in Today best emphasis why I deem Dental Insurance as important. Help the … [Read more...]