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Ascendas India REIT
By Derek  •  August 2, 2007
By: Derek Lim Hard-luck. Even for a fairly big IPO like this, I'm still unable to get any. Come to think of it, my only two successful IPOs (ChinaRetail Investment Trust and CitySpring) was applied via DBS and none of was successful via UOB. Despite the low yield, I believe that AscendasIndT is a good stock for the long term. My initial plan is to buy only 1 lot and being the typically "Kiasu" Singaporean, I bid 1 lot at $1.60 and another at $1.78 (I estimated that it will open in this range). However, the opening price was only $1.39 and I got 2 lots instead. I consider myself fortunate to be able to get it at that price. It's easy to compare AscendasIndT with CapitaRChina but one must remember that CapitaRChina opened when the market conditions were favorable. I believe AscendasIndT has the potential to hit $2 but it will take more time as compared to CapitaRChina.
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By Derek
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One response to “Ascendas India REIT”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I fully agreed with you!
    I bought the stocks at 1.45 and have added more to my collection
    hope it come down to 1.30 on monday so that I can add to my position. On the long term outlook of India, its economy will out-run China in no time – Nandu V.

    *Point to remember India has the most rocket scientist and China produces more farmers – No offence on this, I merely stated facts.

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