Read? Reading and Mind Flip
I saw this man in 30-40s? in the MRT train reading this book: “Rich Dad Poor Dad“.  I was smiling to myself. Will he be another Createwealth8888 in the making? I hope he has a mind flip after reading or it is just another reading book for him guy like many others before him and nothing really happened out of it.
Read? Saving and Investing My Money : Singapore Man of Leisure
“It was also the year I picked up this book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Many self-help books I’ve read; but this one ranks at the top – you just have to strip out the marketing hype and the multi-level marketing nonsense.” – Singapore Man of Leisure

If you have read it and still don’t get it. May be it is time you sit down with Uncle8888 for Q&A session with Bread …