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Light at the end of the tunnel
By Patrick See  •  August 23, 2011

It is dark when you are in the tunnel. But when you see light, would it be a

·         Light at the end of a tunnel or a

·         Runaway train?

The focus or turning point this year would be Jackson Hole.

Speculations and/or hopes for the Calvary had begun.

·         Deliver what the market expects, this would be the turning point and markets will head north

·         Fail to deliver what the markets expects, the market will dive down another 15-20%

With this in light, which profile do you fall in

·         Conservative,

·         Moderate or

·         Aggressive.

Points to take note: Pre Jackson Hole

·         Be prepared for Jackson Hole,

·         Have a strategy.

·         Execute your strategy

·         Stick to your strategy

The other data on Aug 26th besides Ben Bernanke speech at 830pm will ...
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By Patrick See

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