It was an interesting weekend. Time flies, August just came to an end and our neighbor celebrated its National Day as well. 
I was quite “sad” to see the growth of my friends slowing down after its launch in July. I was cracking my head to stop this “correction” from going on. hahaha (I think i am getting crazy :P) and have set for myself a target to get 1,000 friends by end of 31 Dec 2012. Do you think it is achievable? Let’s have a monthly or bi-weekly progress update for the next 3 months and i will share with you the progress to see how far we are from the 1,000 friends goal. :) 

Interestingly, the spike went up again when Mr. IPO appeared and spoke about a free e-book! hmmm… not sure if that means that the most effective method is still to offer “freebies” as what most websites …