In case you haven’t heard, your chances of getting hot IPO shares will be boosted if the following proposal is adopted by SGX. The article is posted below in case you need it.

“This will not only provide retail investors with more opportunities, but their increased activity in the secondary market will also add to liquidity”, SGX said.

Is SGX implying retail investors are “shorter term” in nature and thus the liquidity will increase because they will buy and sell more? :-P Anyway, you can let your views be heard via the email address above. hahaha :)  Please note that the proposal will only apply to Mainboard IPOs and not Catalist listings.
Your views

Do you think 5% is too low? Should the % be higher?  
If institutions’ shareholdings are lowered, will it affect the post listing performance? 
Mr. IPO’s views

The proposed change is way long overdue!