It has been a while since i update this blog. Once again, we are having a famine on the IPO scene in Singapore and i don’t think there will be any more IPOs till end of the year. As such, i am going to give myself a long break :-P

Religare Health Trust had a bumper week with 4 initiation report ever since its debut. The IPO write was here and the reports are here.
Friends of Mr. IPO

I don’t think i am going to hit the 1,000 mark by end of the year unless Santa Clause is giving me a big surprise.
Since my last update, the number of friends has increased from 549 to 651.
The majority are still guys! Come on gals… do something. hahaha.
I will give a final update closer to Christmas :)
Happy Festive Seasons to all. It’s gonna be a …