The HetNet: how will it change telcos

Gigaom have an article out talking about Google submitting to FCC for some of their upcoming wireless test plans.

You can read it here

[Giagom | Is Google pondering an experiemental HetNet | Read]

What’s interesting is that the switching cost now between surfing the web on your capped data plans in 3G or LTE and then switching over to free wifi hotspots are crumblesome.

But what if its seamless.

Google talks about setting up a hell lot of WIFI + Microcell towers and work together with their Fiber broad band to cover an area of 2 mile.

You need a new protocol to easily switch from one data connection to another, or manage different data sources. If this is possible then it’s a boon to consumers.

What can happen is incumbents can use this to bridge bandwidth bottlenecks.

But it also presents an area where a new player …