5 Tips for Dealing with Repairs in Rental Properties
By Singapore Property Blog  •  May 27, 2014
5 Tips for Dealing with Repairs in Rental Properties

By Property Soul (guest contributor)

I parked my car outside the house. A neighbor accidentally kissed it and damaged the license plate. It was replaced after a week so I drove it to an 8 a.m. meeting on Monday. Unfortunately, I was stuck on the highway for an hour. When I reached the carpark, the agitated vehicle was already complaining with strange noises. It waited till I was on the way back that it finally broke down on the left lane.

Three nice guys volunteered to push the grumpy fellow to a side road. But somehow it ended up outside a Singapore Pools outlet. Patrons took the hint from the license number to buy lottery. I was totally amused by the embarrassment!

Breakdowns are sometimes unavoidable in the lifespan of cars. Similarly, breakdowns are also commonplace in rental properties.

What do you expect to fix?

After a decade as ...

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