A Pen Quote wrote several times about it actually. Amidst all the crashes and burns in the stock market caused by the devaluation of the CNY, this stock would theoretically be shielded from all external factors.

This stock is none other than Colex Holdings. You can read more about it herehereherehere and here.

The stock market is very volatile lately. The recent correction experienced by STI could be attributed to:

  1. Devaluation of Chinese Yuan
  2. Softening of China’s growth
  3. Commodities rout
  4. Sustained low oil prices
  5. Fears of Fed rate hike
  6. Weak GDP in Singapore
  7. Over valued Chinese stock market
  8. Greece (forever)

However, Colex positions itself to be fairly immune to any of the above factors. Being a pure Singapore play, regarded as a “necessity”, and having long contracts given by the authorities (7 years), Colex earnings will be more or less shielded from all these …